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What is YEW? 

Yew, or Taxus is an ancient tree species that has been on earth since the quaternary ice age.
It’s famous for its most valuable ingredient Taxol (or Paclitaxel), which is one of the world’s best-seller anti-cancer drugs for Breast Cancer and Uterine Cancer. Yew also bears antioxidative, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Yew performs a powerful anti-oxidation process and eliminates detrimental reactive oxygen accumulated within a living organism.


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regular plant photosynthesis, Yew breathes in Carbon dioxide and noxious gas such as benzene, xylene, sulfur dioxide and nicotine 24 hours a day and exhales oxygen. This makes Yew the perfect natural air purifier. Even though Yew processes extremely high medical values, it is listed as “Endangered” in over 40 countries because of its rareness and scarcity. Yew Bio-Pharm Group Inc. developed a patented accelerated growth technology based on asexual propagation and cloning, we can bring yew trees to maturity and commercialize them in as little as two-to-three years, compared to more than 50 years needed for naturally grown yew trees.

What is YEW Essential Oil? 

Yew essential oil is praised as “the Liquid Gold” because of its rareness and medical value. Using pharmaceutical technology, Ninsar extracted Yew essential oil from the tips and leaves of Yew trees. Our Yew essential oil is lab-tested to bear antioxidative, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

These effects are maximized when directly applied on skin.